We're HERE for you.


College is fun; but it's no secret that at times it can be a daunting experience.

The schoolwork, peer-pressure, greek life, athletics...there's so much going on, that it can easily get to us.

If you are experiencing a difficult moment, whether it's family, friends, academics, mental or emotional challenges and need someone to talk to, please reach out to us.

Rabbi Eliezer and Mushky are available at any hour of the day or night to talk, and more importantly to listen in complete privacy and discretion.

Email or call anytime.

Rabbi Eliezer - Cell: 718-637-1313 / Email: [email protected]

Mushky - Cell: 718-757-5431 / Email: [email protected]

Important: If your concern is related to an EMERGENCY where there may be an imminent risk to the safety of others please call 911 or the Chapman University Public Safety office at (714) 997-6763.