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Tefillin Bank

Get Your Very Own Pair Of Tefillin

Teffilin Bank 

The Tefillin Bank will subsidize 50% of the cost of the Tefillin, up to $250, for students who are committed to putting on Tefillin regularly (daily or weekly) but are unable to purchase Tefillin because of financial constraints. For example, if a student purchases a $400 pair of Tefillin, Chabad on Campus will subsidize $200 of it. 

The process for applying for the subsidization is as follows: 

  1. You will submit an online application to Chabad.
  2. The Tefillin Bank administrator will review the applications and approve or decline the grant base on availability and display of commitment to the Mitzvah. 
  3. Upon approval, Chabad on Campus International Foundation will notify you and provide information regarding available Tefillin options. 
  4. You submit your selection and we will then place the order with the Sofer (scribe). If you want to explore more options with the Sofer, he will be happy to discuss the different quality and levels of Tefillin available before the order is placed
  5. The Tefillin will be mailed to the Chabad House, the  Rabbi will notify to pick them up upon arrival.

There are currently a limited number of grants available which will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis. 

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